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整動鍼とは What is SEIDO Acupuncture?

整動鍼®とは What is SEIDO acupuncture?



SEIDO acupuncture is an acupuncture method that enables to approach not only musculoskeletal disorders but also wide variety of disorders such as autonomic nervous system disorders, allergic diseases, and other internal diseases, by adjusting movements with specific acupuncture points. It is the new acupuncture method which takes completely different approaches from the main stream acupuncture styles such as TCM and the meridian therapy.

Although SEIDO acupuncture takes new approaches, it does not contradict to the traditional acupuncture theories. Therefore, it allows acupuncturists to gain new aspects without forcing them to deny the traditions. It will also be beneficial to patients because it allows them to feel its effect immediately.


創案と歴史 Origin/History









SEIDO acupuncture was first introduced to the public in 2014. It was originally called “Kobujutsu Shinpo”. “Kobujutsu” means ancient martial arts. “Shinpo” means acupuncture methods. “Kobujutsu Shinpo” was derived from “Kobujutsu Seitai (=Kappo: manual reviving techniques based on ancient martial arts).” In 2015, it was renamed SEIDO acupuncture, which means adjusting movement with acupuncture, in order to plainly express the characteristic of its method.

Makoto Kurihara, the founder of SEIDO acupuncture, used to select acupuncture points based on the traditional theories such as TCM and the meridian therapy. He encountered Kappo when he was feeling the limit to his clinical ability. He was shocked by Kappo’s immediate effects. He started to actively use Kappo in his clinical practices.

As he felt the outcomes of Kappo, he started to wonder if there were any ways to apply it to acupuncture. He focused on the way Kappo uses the characteristics of muscles so skillfully. Kappo was passed on as the hidden methods of martial arts. The characteristics of muscles had been studied thoroughly. This was the start of the trial and error research to perform acupuncture based on the same concept as Kappo.

At one point, he noticed the correlation between two muscle contractions. At a glance, there seems no relations between these two points. When there was the muscle tightness at one point, the muscle tightness at the other point was found. When the muscle tightness was released at one point, it was released at the other point at the same time.

This kind of pattern can be found everywhere in human body. There definitely is a law –like nature here. This law-like nature is not something you can derive from anatomical observations. The acupuncture which can release muscle tightness immediately made it possible to find it.

This law-like nature is expressed as “Correlation between acupuncture points and movements.” Kurihara found that some acupuncture points had a role to control movements. Muscle tightness gives regularity in movements. When the tightness becomes too strong, it restricts movements and puts unnecessary stress to a body. As a result, it creates pain in muscles and joints.

SEIDO acupuncture adjusts movements by releasing over tightness in muscles. It enables us to take care of pain and aches without touching where they are. This is not all. Muscle and joint movements are deeply connected to internal organs and mental activities. By using this connection, it is possible to take care of autonomic nervous system disorders, allergic diseases, and other internal diseases.


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